Shield with bolt Anti Tracker Protection

Put a stop to websites monetising your data.

Privacy Browser's anti tracker protection empowers you to explore the web without any unwanted tracking or monitoring by third parties, allowing you to browse safer and privately, but also faster and consuming less data.

Paw print Cookie Blocker

Browse without risk of being finger printed or leaving traces on websites you visit; all cookies will be blocked, no exception.

Hand raised Ad Blocker

With Privacy Browser's ad blocker you can focus on the content without being bothered by unsolicited and gratuitous advertisements. This also allows for faster website loading and less data consumption.

Lock Secure Connection

Safety above all, Privacy Browser forces every connection to be made safe and encrypted.

Moon and stars Dark Mode

No more bright screens at night, with dark mode activated websites follow the current theme of your Mac or iPhone; it goes without saying that Privacy Browser's Dark Mode makes reading at night a delightful experience.

Flame Forget

Privacy Browser allows you to forget easily and simple.

Deleting and forgetting history, cache, trackers, icons, cookies, temporal files, and everything in between is just one click away.

1 small and 1 big character A Reader

Reading is made a lot easier on any website by allowing you to increase the font-size by using Privacy Browser's Reader; ideal for accessibility.

2 gears Search Engine

You can choose how you want to search on the web.


The most popular and powerful search engine, owned by big corporate.


The green search engine, plants trees with their revenue; independent.


Privacy Browser is completely free to use, all features, forever; it is maintained on voluntary purchase of Privacy +.

Privacy +

Privacy Plus is an In-App Purchase, it is a one time only purchase, and it is handled completely by the App Store. By purchasing it you are supporting research and development of the Privacy Browser.

It is completely voluntary, and you can see it as a thank you or a tip. We encourage you to purchase it only if you like the app.


Privacy Browser is available on the App Store.


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