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Respect driven

We believe that a browse should not be driven by marketing campaigns or engagement metrics.

Privacy doesn't have any tracking, telemetry or analytics in place. We don't want to know how, where, when, why or what you browse. That is up to you. Also, we don't send any kind of notifications.

One of our core values is respect, for you. We don't want to make you addict to our app. Behind Privacy there are no greedy product managers trying to advance on their career path by making you into a metric, be it conversion, retention, engagement,... you name it.

There is 1 goal we have in mind: building the best web browser, with the best privacy and security engine.



Not yet another copy

We believe to truly make a difference we need to take a new approach. Trying to create a new solution by copy-pasting an existing one is not good enough.

Privacy is not yet another copy of a big brand browser. Privacy is completely standalone, we are building what is needed, not putting makeup on top of an existing product.

Out team decided to build our own browser, from the foundation up, focusing on what matters most.

And we don't compromise, we know is not easy to compete against the big dudes in the game, but we are crazy enough to think we can do it.

Completely independent of Chrome, Firefox, and all their clones.



Anti tracker protection

We block trackers trying to profile or monitor you.

Cookies are also stripped, providing even more privacy and allowing for a true incognito mode.

Secure connections are enforced, so that any website you visit needs to enable an encrypted connection to you.

Optionally you can also opt to block all third party scripts, allowing for a more secure and privacy experience; those this might break certain functionality on some websites.



Ad blocking

You should be able to browse without having to be harassed by ad monsters. We block as many ads as possible from websites, and we have no 'partners', or 'white listed' ad providers; we just block all of them.

We also remove screen blockers. Ever more constantly websites want to request your consent to track you, and they often do this in highly aggressive ways, like for example blocking all the content with a prompt. We think is time to stop this madness and we remove as many blockers as possible.



Force dark mode

You can force websites to be displayed in dark mode. So that you don't have to deal with bright screens, specially useful in the night.

With Privacy dark mode is always on, and without uncomfortable side effects as inverting the colors of images.

Not only is helpful with browsing in the night, it is also a great reading experience as it flattens the contrast of content in an harmonious way.



Search engine

You can choose your favourite:




We have an unbiased policy, blocking all trackers, all ads, no exceptions, no compromises.



Browse and forget

Easily clear and forget everything in just 1 click. Goodbye to cache, history, everything.




No more trackers and no more ads means a faster browsing, speedier loading times for websites and reduced data consumption, summing all together for a better experience.




However we offer an In-App Purchase, it is optional, and with this you can support the development of Privacy.







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Privacy policy

This app is not tracking you in anyway, nor sharing any information from you with no one, we are also not storing any data concerning you.

We make use of Apple's iCloud to synchronise your data across your own devices, but no one other than you, not us nor even Apple can access your data.

Whatever you do with this app is up to you and we don't want to know about it.




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